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With the recent Google updates, many companies worry about their website and whether it will continue to rank well online both organically and in maps. We have had an influx of companies from across the Tri-State Area of Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York requesting our services to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly and optimized for every algorithm or update that Google releases. With over 50% of most website traffic originating from mobile phones, it would be devastating for you not to have a fully responsive website capable of handling any type of phone, tablet, or computer.

A fully responsive website means that it will work correctly on any screen size or Internet capable device. You may notice on your cell phone that a site will look different than it does on your computer. This is because the coding for your site must meet certain coding regulations to ensure that it will display the site properly to your viewer. A website must be able to shrink down to size and align text, images, and important features (like a call to action or free quote form) in an organized fashion. There is nothing worse than pulling up your company website with expectations of the way it should look but you can’t help but notice more of how it shouldn’t look… which is frustrating since you probably paid or continue to pay a ton of money for it.

Why should your site be optimized for mobile users?

Most users who search for local or nearby businesses are doing so on a mobile device. This makes having your website optimized for mobile usage imperative. Failing to do so will tank your ranking. Check load times, photo optimizations, and the overall look of your website on mobile and desktop versions. If your page fails to load quickly, even if you are the top result, users are likely to bounce from your page to the next option. In the world of instant gratification, failing to load quickly on a mobile device can cost you more business than any number of other SEO mistakes you might be making.

Depending on your site’s complexity, you may need to invest in a responsive design that changes function when being viewed on a mobile device. Test out your website on a mobile device and see if drop-down features are usable, if the text is legible, and if all forms can still be filled out on each page to decide how to optimize your site for mobile users.

How can you foster a great UX on your website?

Test your site and any new features you add to ensure they provide a great experience for site visitors. If a page takes too long to load, an interface is bugging out, or the site is hard to navigate, users will not want to visit your site. These users will end up causing a higher bounce rate for your site, which will negatively affect your SEO.

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Looking for Website Development Experts

Stop forking out a ton of money for a website that doesn’t work on all devices. Sayles Industries are the experts with plenty of experience in website development. We have decades of combined experience from our marketing team to our web developers and are continually re-educating ourselves in old coding techniques as well as always taking classes for the new coding and technologies that are being released. Look, it is tough enough to run your business, why should you have to worry about your website and its design, as well? You shouldn’t. We’ll make it easy for you, all you have to do is simply contact us to fix it for you.

All of our websites are 100% mobile friendly and fully responsive. We will allow you to focus on what you know best, your business. All the while, we will do what we know best — building your business a website and increasing its search engine rankings.

To see if your site is mobile friendly or fully responsive, go to your website on any device you have in your home or your business. With every phone, computer, and tablet (and who knows what else) out there in regards to the Internet, you should have plenty of ways to check out your website.

Affordable Web Design

If anything looks funny, doesn’t show, or shows improperly, then your site IS NOT 100% full responsive and IS NOT mobile friendly. We can quickly fix this issue for you. You are losing a ton of money merely because your website does not adapt with the times and does not display for the world in which we live; a digital one that is constantly changing.

Make sure that you aren’t left behind and that your site isn’t causing more harm than good for your business. Hire a professional and affordable web design company and start scaling your business today. Contact Sayles Industries for a FREE consultation.

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