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Every business owner is worried about how Google perceives their website. Ranking is so important to the bottom line for every brand, and where your website appears in search engine results pages can make a huge impact on sales. Website design affects those underlying factors. Great design keeps users engaged, and first impressions are everything when it comes to websites. Here at Sayles Industries, we use the power of design to influence other important areas like SEO.


Your site visitors are coming to your page from different devices and screen sizes. Without having a responsive site design, you could lose out on some of those sales. Over the last five years, mobile and tablet usage has increased significantly, so it’s important that you don’t think of your website strictly in terms of desktop design. In fact, there are now more Google searches on mobile devices than on desktop devices. Consider your website design the foundation that holds everything together. Our Erie web designers create foundations that are built to last and support every device type.

Slow speed is another issue that responsive design rectifies. According to one Adobe study, if just the images on a page don’t load quick enough, at least 39% of people will leave the page almost immediately. That’s not even speaking for other areas of your site. Furthermore, Google has admittedly stated that site speed has a direct impact on SEO. Here at Sayles Industries, our Erie web design experts use responsive design to both make the page both appealing visually to your potential customers and structurally appealing to Google.


If your website is currently designed poorly, you could be losing out on a large volume of traffic. At Sayles Industries, our goal is to help you attract visitors by helping you create a site that truly reflects the brand and is as functional as it is attractive. If your website isn’t currently equipped to handle various devices, takes too long to load, or isn’t very nice to look at, we’ll help you get on the right path. Hire a professional Erie web design company to help attract more visitors and increase your bottom line today.

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