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73% of consumers lose trust in a business with inaccurate listings and 88% of consumers look to online reviews when making buying decisions. Stop losing customers to your competitors and start winning them back. Sayles Industries‘ FREE Online Business Audit will provide your business with insights on listing citations, reputation management, social media, website vitals, advertising and SEO all from one dashboard view!

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Our Snapshot Report is an award-winning marketing needs assessment that provided insights into your business’s online marketing performance. This helps us to help you find the best solutions to get your business performing its best online.

What is going to be included in the report?

Your FREE Business Online Audit will provide you with an easy to digest scorecard of your business’ online presence. We will break down all the key factors when it comes to how it’s performing online. So we can identify areas of need and improve on what your already doing well. Your overall online score which is based on the following:

  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Social
  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Advertising
  • and of course SEO

The report will also include a breakdown of your online score. It’ll show you where you rank for the most popular keywords, what ranks well in certain search engines, and how your top competitors stack up against your site. Furthermore, it’ll point out any major warning signs that need to be addressed. You’ll also get recommendations on future SEO strategies based on your current performance.

The SEO Snapshot Report is a thorough report that will give you an overview of how your site performs in search engines and what areas to focus on for future growth. It includes all the major points, including rankings for popular keywords, competitor analysis, and recommendations based on our findings.

It’s important to make sure that the Business Details that are showing match your business information correctly to make sure that the report is accurate.

Do Customers Trust Your Business?

You can’t afford to monitor the internet continuously, and you certainly can’t afford to miss a review. One negative review gone unanswered can ruin all your hard work! Let us alert you about new reviews so that you can address negative reviews and share positive reviews promptly. We can help provide your business with full-service online reputation management.

Can Consumers Find You In Search?

Potential customers are searching online for the products or services that your business offers. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can boost your visibility in those search results so that people find you before your competitors. Are you ready to improve your search engine ranking and help more customers find your business online?

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