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Bringing traffic to a business’s website takes great marketing, calculated SEO, and hard work. Once a user lands on a website, the next job is to convert them into leads and sales. A fantastic tool for converting leads into sales is landing pages. According to some statistics, 44% of clicks for business to business companies are directed to a business homepage and not a landing page. So why are landings pages underutilized, and why would a company want to use one?

The boiled-down definition of a landing page is a page that allows one to capture a person’s information via a conversion form. What this means is landing pages can capture user information without the user having to make a single click on a website. An excellent landing page will target a specific audience and provide them with the capability to have direct access to the content, products, or services being sold.

The benefits of a landing page

Landing pages reinforce your brand by displaying a strong and clear image so the user can easily identify you. This creates higher levels of comfort and trust in the user, so they are more apt to fill out the landing page form and convert to sales. This type of transparency and straightforward messaging conveys what is being offered, which most users appreciate.

The information gathered from the landing page forms is immensely useful, such that a business can see what demographics are visiting the site. To a marketing team, this is invaluable information so that the website can be tailored to drive more conversions. The data also allows the business to track conversions of existing leads to see which prospects are remaining engaged.

Landing pages are also a fantastic place to promote new products and services. A business must be cautious not to cloud a landing page such that it is no longer concise and to the point. However, it is the perfect place to put that new product front and center and get a pulse on how popular it is and with what demographic.

A good landing page

To have a successful landing page, it must contain a headline that lets the user know exactly what they will receive upon completing the form. Beyond the headline should be a brief copy explaining the value of what they are getting, images showing the product or service, and any information on the security of the website so the user feels comfortable submitting their information. Though this takes care of the user filling out the form, you will still need them to share what they are doing. The best way to promote that is by adding social media buttons and icons for natural exposure.

Landing pages are very underutilized and powerful tools that drive conversions, gain new leads, and expand brand awareness. What is best about landing pages is they offer insights into how effective a business’s marketing is by providing crucial data about who is visiting the page. This allows a business to adjust its marketing strategy and calibrate for its target audience for even more future successes.

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