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Mobile devices now account for over 50 percent of web traffic across the globe. This extensive use of mobile web browsing led to Google changing the way websites were ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Results) based on a site being mobile-friendly. This makes mobile web design a must if a website is to remain relevant and stand a chance in competing in today’s market. Not only do webmasters have to have mobile-ready websites, but they also have a mobile design that is engaging and easy to use on a small screen.

Mobile Design Basics

In a nutshell, mobile-friendly websites are those that function and look great on a smartphone or tablet. Around 90 percent of mobile users say access to content is crucial to the experience, which means many will consider leaving a site if they are unable to find the desired content they are looking for quickly. Specifically, statistics show that modern users will not wait longer than three seconds for a page to load before moving onto the next. Therefore, a site must have the following qualities to avoid losing users:

  • A responsive design, meaning the same website accessed on a desktop computer will adjust and adapt to a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to read text without the need to pinch or zoom
  • Simple and intuitive navigation so accessing pages on the site is effortless
  • Aesthetically pleasing and not too busy

Promotions in the form of ads can completely ruin even the most optimal mobile designs. They should not take away from the site’s ease of use, or frustrate the user, causing them to leave for a competitor.

The user experience

Since smartphones have far less screen real-estate, vital content must be prioritized to show up first. A good example is a fundraising site that takes donations for charity. Placing the “Donate” button and key message front and center on the homepage provides the user with instant access to the purpose of the site. The design must be optimized for touch, which includes ensuring the buttons are large enough and spaced far enough apart that even the largest fingers can navigate with ease.

eCommerce mobile designs should include all of the basics for any mobile site, with the additional goal of ensuring that consumers can find your products with ease. Statistics have shown that mobile users spend half the time on a page than a desktop user does. This is where a simple, easy to navigate touch menu makes all the difference in the user experience and can be the difference between making a sale and losing it.

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A great mobile design requires easy to read text, smooth navigation, quick loading times, and as few distractions as possible. Your mobile design should be tailored to the site’s message or purpose to ensure the user can find what they are looking for in as little time as possible. With mobile technologies on the rise, the need for proper mobile designs is here to stay, and those who want to thrive must adopt the practices.

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