4 Ways Your Website Is Losing You Customers


4 Ways Your Website Is Actually Losing You Customers

4 Ways Your Website Is Losing You Customers

A high-quality website can bring customers and clients to the front door of your physical location, and get your online business found by an unlimited audience and customer base. However, a poor-quality website can actually wind up losing you customers. Your website is representative of your business, and even you personally; the impression customers and clients get from your site is usually the same impression they will have about your company overall. Note how a poor-quality website can translate into a poor impression about your business and lose you customers.

1. Poor design and organization

Consider what your customers and visitors will want to see first and foremost when they visit your site, and if they can find that information quickly. For a restaurant, it may be your hours, location, and phone number. If that information is small and obscure and buried at the bottom of the page, a customer may not even find it. If you sell car parts from your website, are those parts organized into a separate page for each car brand, type of part, and so on? If the parts are just scattered around your website, your customers won’t take the time to search and you will lose their business.

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2. Long load times

Potential customers usually have very limited attention spans, so if they click on your website and it takes far too long to load, they’re likely to just click away and find another site. It’s said that a visitor will wait about 2 seconds for a web page to load before a deciding to leave. By reducing the number of photos and videos or compressing them into a smaller file size and eliminating flash or other such programs that take longer to load than a standard page. Also, keep the site simple and clean so it loads quickly and easily.

Google offers PageSpeed Insights that allow you to test how fast your website loads. It also gives suggestions on how to fix these errors.

3. Low-quality graphics and photos

A website can help sell your business if you use high-quality graphics and photos; this might mean pictures of dishes at a restaurant, the interior of your spa, or even a photo of your professional accounting staff. However, low-quality photos and amateur graphics can make your business seem amateurish and downright cheap. It can also make food look unappetizing or a physical location look dirty and dingy. Invest in a professional photographer if needed, or shop online for high-quality photos that look their best on your site.

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4. Not mobile-friendly

Another must-have with any website making sure that its’ design is responsive, meaning that it works on all devices. This is especially important given that more people browse the internet from their phones than any other device. With that said, if your site is not mobile-friendly, many potential customers will leave and go to the competitor site that offers better user-experience on their business page. Google also lowers search engine rankings if your website is not responsive, so you could be losing even more leads because your site won’t rank as well.

If you are unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly, you could find out by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Remember these 4 points and, if you’re still not sure if your website is effectively converting visitors to customers or is actually losing you customers, have an experience web design company check it over carefully. They can give you an honest evaluation of the site and also note some areas where it needs improving, in order to win and not lose customers.

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