5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2017


5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2017

As we approach the new year, we all look forward to bettering ourselves in some way or the other. Business owners too strive to bring in new customers and increase profits. For small businesses, this might be a little tougher because of the lack of large capitals and big investors. But there are ways, other than money, to help small business take that much-needed step forward in the new year. Here are 5 digital marketing tips every small business should implement in 2017.

1. Going Mobile
2016 was a year that saw an unimaginable boom in mobile phone sales. People were using their smartphones more than their PC’s and it looks like it’s going to stay that way in 2017 as well. This mobile-centric age provides massive opportunities for small business owners to highlight their services through proper implementation and advertising. Using the latest technologies is just the first step towards a successful year. Creating mobile applications and making mobile payments available as important factors too. Having a business website that is completely mobile-friendly is often the difference between success and failure.

2. Email Marketing
A more direct way of getting your business out there is through email marketing. Although it’s considered as an old-school method, it is very effective – if used in the right way. People are always looking for something interesting, and more importantly, informative to read. By sending them links to blog posts, DIY videos, and other similar content, these readers turn into customers. Talking about the business and its services constantly doesn’t always work and more often than not, it backfires. The public today are smarter and want to know more before making any investment and it is up to you to deliver that information in the most positive way.

3. Decisions Through Data
We can all agree that computers are smarter these days and the biggest companies rely on them to make all the decisions of the company through the data put in. But for small businesses, these supercomputers, and sophisticated tools are a luxury they cannot afford. Resorting to a special team of decision makers that take into consideration the output from their computers is a far more viable method – not to mention a lot more affordable. The combination of human minds and data results proves to be more suitable for businesses running on a tight budget.

4. Video Content
While readable content is great for building a business, it is video content that truly draws in customers. It is estimated that 60% of customers watch videos on various social media rather than reading. With so much potential, it is only obvious to include videos in a business website. Another major reason for opting for videos over text is that it is cheaper to create and brings in a lot more views. Advertisements in the form of video are proven to be more profitable and 2017 is certain to bring this factor out in a bigger way.
5. Blogging
Blogs are one of the most efficient ways to help a small business grow. They are a perfect combination of informative, intriguing, and shareable.
Creating a blog that can attract the attention of customers is what every business needs. It provides an insight on what the business is about and how they function, the team that holds it together, and the different services they offer. Adding a blogging section to any business website is destined to bring success and future prospects.

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