6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website


6 reasons why your business needs a website

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Does your business have a website? Some business owners may think a website isn’t needed unless they actually sell products online, but this can be a mistake. Here are 6 reasons why every business needs a good website, no matter what they sell, service they offer, or the size of the company.

1. Customers look online before shopping in person

If you own a brick-and-mortar business and only work or sell out of this shop, your customers may still search for your business online before visiting or requesting service. They may want to check your hours, location, and phone number if they need to call for various reason. In some cases, if a customer can’t find a website, they may not be able to find important information that aids in their decision making such as your physical location, or they may assume you’ve gone out of business!

2. Websites sell products and services

Colorful photographs of the dishes you serve in a restaurant can impel potential customers to stop by. A list of the benefits of having a professional prepare your taxes can convince people that they need your accounting services. Videos of relaxing massages can make a person feel that they need to visit your spa for such a treatment as soon as possible! The power of suggestion can be very effective, and your website can be used in this way no matter your business.

3. Online searching cuts down on interruptions

How often has your staff had to answer a phone call from someone who only needed to know your hours, location, if you have a certain product in stock, or if they needed an appointment? Having this basic information available online can reduce the minutes and hours your staff might waste answering these questions over the phone.

4. Websites engage customers

Email reminders can tell clients when it’s time for their next hair appointment, specials currently running at your restaurant, or perhaps how important it is to make their appointment during the busy tax season. Rather than waiting for customers and clients to find you, your website can find them and encourage them to shop, increasing your overall business.

5. Websites provide an email

You may love to hear from customers but don’t always have time to take their phone calls when it comes to feedback about your products or services or just answering simple questions. An email provided by your website allows customers and clients a way to communicate that doesn’t interrupt your busy day, which can also help you to keep that communication organized in your inbox.

6. Online surveys 

Have you ever launched a new product or menu item, or new service at your store and found that no one was interested? Do you wish you knew what people wanted to see more of in your store, whether that was seasonal sales, specialty deserts, or more staff and salespersons? Online surveys allow you to ask your customers for their feedback before you invest in make any drastic changes, or to know where changes need to be made in your businesses to earn more customers or continuing to keep your existing customers happy.

These are just 6 reasons why every business needs a website, no matter your product or service. Since websites can do so much a business and are typically affordable, why not invest in building one for your business today? The experts at Sayles Industries can help make the process as easy as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation and begin growing your business!

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