Backlinks – Quality Over Quantity


backlinking quality over quantity

Backlinks – Quality Over Quantity

Backlinks are very important for getting your website found by online visitors and increase internet traffic. A backlink is when your website has been linked from another website; behind a word, phrase or URL itself. This will increase your search engine rankings, now that the search engines will associate your website with that specific keyword or phrase that has been linked back to your site.

While backlinking is important to your website’s ranking, it’s vital to remember that quality links are going to improve rankings, as opposed to just having a large number of links. It’s also good to note that having links from poor-quality sites can actually lower your search engine rankings.

What are poor-quality sites?

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When someone uses Google or another search engine to look for something online, those search engines want to present only quality sites, meaning ones that offer worthwhile content. Otherwise, visitors may get frustrated with their search results and choose another search engine.

To accomplish this, in recent years search engines like Google refined their algorithms or methods of ranking websites. One such algorithm they added actually measures the length of time visitors stay on a particular site. This was done to help lower the ranking of sites that may contain sufficient amount of information, but not necessarily offer quality content to visitors. Sites that are mostly spam, meaning lots of advertising or just useless fluff, may attract lots of visitors, but those visitors don’t tend to stay, as there isn’t much useful information or quality content to be read on them.

These new Google algorithms will actually lower the ranking of a site that has a backlink on a spam-filled, “fluff” site. As it may appear that you’ve just paid for this backlink and that your site isn’t actually offering anything of quality to visitors. Even if you have a large quantity of backlinks to your own site, if those backlinks are found on these low-quality sites, your own ranking may also suffer.

How to get quality backlinks

To get quality backlinks on sites that rank well with Google and other search engines, first ensure your own site has information worth sharing. This can include articles about your product and not just product listings. For example, a jewelry company may have articles about caring for jewelry, jewelry trends, the history of popular jewels, and other relevant articles. Your pages are then likely to get shared on other similar, high-quality sites, thus you’ll have more backlinks. You can also search for bloggers who might quote an article or allow you to submit your own article on their site. This is usually referred to as guest posting or guest blogging and can be very beneficial as it means backlinks from high-quality sites and, in turn, better rankings for your own site.

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