Companies Turn to Digital Marketing to Survive

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best digital marketing company

Companies Are Turning to Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19 Impacts

COVID-19 was and still is an unpredicted pandemic, and no one has any idea when it will be remediated. This reality is a disastrous threat to businesses and companies who are suffering from extreme revenue loss.

Because of this, over the next upcoming months, you will begin so see leveraged digital marketing strategies more than ever before amongst companies worldwide. With the rise of COVID-19 and the globe on lockdown in fear of catching this virus, companies are becoming more reliant on digital interfacing so they can survive this health and financial crisis.

Essential Businesses Still Open

Though many companies are shut down, for the time being, there is a list of essential industries that must remain open during this time.

  • Healthcare and Public Health Operations
    This includes clinics, dental offices, pharmacies, public health entities, healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, blood banks, medical cannabis facilities, reproductive health care providers, eye care centers, home healthcare services providers, mental health, substance use providers, and veterinary care.
  • Human Services Operations
    This entails providers who are funded by DHS, DCFS, or Medicaid. Other industries include term care facilities (both home and residential settings), transitional facilities, field offices for food, cash assistance, medical coverage, rehabilitation services, adoption agencies, social services, and any other necessities for people to live properly.
  • Essential Infrastructure
    Examples of this are food production, distribution and sale, construction, building management and maintenance, airport operations, operation and maintenance of utilities (such as water, gas, and electrical) distribution centers, roads, railroads, public transportation, cybersecurity operations, flood control, recycling collecting, internet, and telecommunications systems.
  • Grocery Stores
  • Cannabis Productions
  • Charity and Social Services Organizations
  • Media
  • Gas Stations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Supply stores
  • Critical trades
    • Some trades that fall into this category are plumbing, electrical, security, operative engineers, relocation servicers, governmental occupations, exterminators, and janitorial services.
  • Mailing
    • All forms of mailing will remain open, such as postal services, shipping, delivery, and pick up.
  • Educational Institutions
    • Though most are closed physically, they are still offering online courses and partaking in long-distance learning.
  • Laundry Services
  • Restaurants
  • Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations to Run Effectively
  • Residential Facilities and Shelters
  • Critical Manufacture, Distribution, and Supply Chain Products and Industries
  • Labor Union Functions That Are Deemed Critical
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Funeral Services

Companies Who Are Suffering Financially

There are many establishments that depend on customer relations and may not have the sophistication in the digital world as a secondary means. For example, nearly all B2B companies, such as automobile manufacturing, are feeling the effects of COVID-19. These businesses rely heavily on trade shows, open exhibits, and face to face networking to build their customer base. With quarantining, this process is currently impossible to conduct.

Both small and large businesses, though smaller ones may have a harder time keeping a strong reputation, are losing their source of income due to the cancelation of events, and have lost out on their investment in preparing those events in the first place. Though this is a drastic situation, the best route to take for them right now is diving into the digital realm if they want to withstand this pandemic. This means companies need to adapt to digital marketing through more social media presence, content marketing, and SEO rich campaigns that can reach their targeted customers while they are at home.

Even if you cannot meet customers face to face like normal, digital alternatives and opening new web-based channels is better than sitting back and doing nothing at all. At the end of this, it may not only have allowed some companies to survive, but it can also be used as a long-term secondary means for revenue as well, which could grow those innovative companies even more once the dust settles. What is even better is they will know what to do and have a functioning emergency plan implemented if something like this were to ever happen again in the future.


COVID-19 has put difficult challenges on companies and have turned them into seeking out ways to replace the opportunities they have lost. Lucky, advanced technologies and remote work are possible in today’s society. It gives companies the ability to seek out other means during pandemic times, such as this one, and gives them a chance at surviving professionally.

More and more companies are turning to online digital marketing, such as creating social media channels, allowing employees to work from home, and developing or polishing website content to perform e-commence services. It can be a culture shock to some places, but adapting to change and utilizing online resources can be just the strategy needed to stay afloat and potentially grow business more later on.

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