How Influential Is SEO For The Growth Of Your Business


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How Influential Is SEO For The Growth Of Your Business

Every business owner knows that getting to the top involves an unending tsunami of failure, an exhausting amount of hard work, and most of all, a relentless dedication in what they believe in. While this might make it look like starting a business is not for the faint of heart, there are a few ways to speed up the process and reach the final destination i.e., SUCCESS. One of the latest, probably most used, and definitely most successful methods is through SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is actually more of a tool to market a business in a way no “traditional” method has proved to do so. But sadly, there are thousands of businesses that still fail to see the potential of SEO and the results it could provide if properly utilized. By itself, SEO is just another way to market a business, but combine it with quality content and exquisite landing pages, and the positive effects it could have on a business would be exponential. Using SEO has helped businesses to gain financial security through an increased ROI or Return On Investment as compared to those methods that involved a more expensive marketing form such as Television and Printed Ads.

Sayles Industries offers the best solution for SEO in Erie PA and here are some of the ways they help in increasing a businesses outcome.

Branding and Visibility

The “S” in SEO stands for Search and that is something everyone does when they are looking for a particular piece of information. Customers often search in various places to ensure they get what they are looking for and this is where SEO fits in. If a business continually shows up in the listings online, a customer will immediately recognize it as a trustworthy brand. Once the trust factor is out of the way, SEO can further help in greater visibility of the business through ads, promotions, and even word-of-mouth.


When a business is listed on the first page of Google, it gives customers the impression that they have made a name for themselves. Whether it’s a big corporate company or a small local business, SEO can help get it a better ranking, which in turn brings greater credibility to it. Consciously or subconsciously, customers respond better to those companies that have a higher listing on search engines such as Google.

Increased Traffic

Once the customer’s trust and attention is acquired, a business looks to increase their traffic. SEO plays an important role here by driving potential consumers to the business by increasing the company’s rating on the various search engines. It still takes a lot of effort to convert a potential consumer into a regular customer, but through SEO, things get a lot easier. The more traffic a business is capable of bringing in, higher are the chances of converting them. For example, if an Erie web design company has a weekly traffic of about 10,000, with the help of SEO and branches such as PPC management, they can convert 100 of them into reliable customers.

Better ROI

Thanks to the internet, marketing a business has become easier and definitely more profitable. SEO being an inbound strategy for marketing, it offers an even better return on investment. Instead of opting for expensive mediums such as TV, newspapers, and magazines to showcase their product, a business can lower their expenditure and increase their income through SEO advertising. Businesses can place their products online and wait for the customers to come to them rather than the other way around.

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