How to Benefit from Hiring a Local SEO Firm


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How to Benefit from Hiring a Local SEO Firm

More often than not, business owners find themselves between a rock and a hard place deciding between hiring a Local Search Engine Optimization Firm and outsourcing the service online.

If this is you, this post will save you the headache as well as help you make the right decision. Keep reading!

I’ll tell you what….

Localized SEO is greatly becoming a form of art, as search engines get more adept at ascertaining the intent of search queries to provide results that are relevant and more tailored to the needs of a specific user.

No wonder Google, Yahoo and Bing are now relying on more than just search terms to accurately categorize websites for specific areas. When it comes to search engine optimization, topics such as backlinks, quality content as well as other ranking factors are not absent.

Why a Local SEO Agency is Better

When curating content for your business, involving a local SEO company has huge advantages. A local company understands the subtle nuances of what’s trending and other things that are unique to your area.

When you work with a reputable local SEO company like Sayles Industries, not only will your business’ information get submitted to online networks nationally, but will appear in local networks as well.

Of course, an experienced local SEO company has done a great deal of research over time and knows where to get your business found by your local target audience.  Whether looking for local directories, local news outlets or dependable local blogs, a marketing company in your area understands the ins and outs of getting you optimal local results.

One of the most effective ways to generate great local content is to regularly post blogs about the local happenings around town and how they’re tied to your offers. It’s good to stick with subjects that are fresh, engaging and relevant – sometimes even cutting edge.

For instance, here in Erie, PA, we are well known for Presque Isle State Park, Waldameer Park, and of course Lake Erie which offers many thrilling activities, and is open all year round including in the winter. Speaking of which, winters are another part that Erie is known quite well for especially by local residents.

These kind of references can come across in quality content written by a local SEO firm or the messages posted during social media campaigns. By including such references in your marketing strategy, will help you get a local edge over competitors.

Why Local SEO Matters

The changes in the internet marketing industry today are too obvious to ignore. More and more businesses are looking for local marketing companies to work with, especially since larger companies tend to disregard every single business need that small local businesses require.

With the added advantage of reaching out to a local audience, high quality content is now more important than ever before. Regardless of the type of business you are in, or if you already have a stunning website, your business page still needs great local content and optimization to boost its’ visibility with local consumers.

Finally, there are plenty of companies and websites where outsourcing SEO tasks are readily available, however, just like most purchases especially on the internet–you get what you pay for. Most of these services are so low in cost because the majority of them are outsourced to other countries like India and the Philipines. Now, I’m sure there are a few who know what they are doing, but nothing can compare to the value of meeting with a client face-to-face and knowing that they are just minutes away.

Our expert consultants are less than a phone call away and able to meet with you in person whenever your busy schedule allows. Not only does hiring a local company benefit your business, it also promotes the local economy. Show your support to your local community and hire a professional local SEO firm to handle all of your website and marketing needs.

Looking for a reliable SEO Agency? Sayles Industries is definite! We are an experienced, competent, and professional SEO agency in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. We are also the right fit for your company.

Contact us anytime of the day at 814-480-9924 or email us to book an appointment at your most convenient time, day or night.

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