Is Having One Product Page With Multiple Products Bad for SEO?


Is Having One Product Page With Multiple Products Bad for SEO?

For eCommerce SEO, having one product page with multiple products may be a good strategy if your product is part of a category. Typically, you would consider whether to have a single product or a category of products. In other words, your one page would either feature one product or include variants of the same product.

This dilemma tends to be common among online marketers who offer multiple products within the same family. Once you identify the true nature of your product, you can determine whether to give it a single product page or a category page. Here’s a closer look into each product type using sweaters as an example.

When to Use a Single Product Page

Stick with a single product page if the end-user will not benefit from a separate page for a specific variant. In the case of sweaters, a customer does not need an individual page for various sizes, materials, and colors (for the most part).

When a customer shops for a sweater on your single product page, they would select a size, material, and color anyway. Individual pages for small and large sweaters are unnecessary. At the same time, you could include an option for the sweater material if the product calls for it. Such factors are not unique enough to justify separate product pages

Meanwhile, color may be a somewhat unique feature to justify a single product page. In some cases, customers may only want to see green clothes. Individual pages for one color would benefit such customers looking for sweaters of a specific color. Single pages featuring colors may also make room for styling and blending options that some customers would appreciate.

In essence, the point of having a single product page should rely on end-user benefit. Be sure to determine whether your consumers would need individual variant pages for multiple products.

When to Use a Unique Category Page

A category page for each of your product variants is ideal if each item has at least a thousand searches a month. For sweaters, categories may include crew-neck sweaters, V-neck sweaters, and sweater vests. Consider using a category page if you intend to expand the product line to offer more options for the same item.

Having a category page for different colors of sweaters may also help you condense your content. With a category page, you can expand your product line and link similar product pages into it. In other words, different versions of the same product in the collection would make it easier on the customer’s end to find variants of the main product.

Conclusion: Is Having One Product Page With Multiple Products Bad for SEO?

Single product SEO may be good depending on the product you sell. You must assess whether your product’s multiple variants require individual pages. To do so, consider your end-user.

Your customers may not need a separate page for an item that comes in different sizes if they can select their preferred size on a single product page. Meanwhile, an item with similar products under the same category would give customers more options. Be sure to keep your customer’s benefits in mind when creating product pages.

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