Top 6 Essential Web Design Tips For 2016


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Top 6 Essential Web Design Tips For 2016

Web design and development are altering by leaps and bounds for a long time, and this year also would not be different. Numerous smaller businesses believe that if they have a significant website built, then this is the end of it for some time, but, it really is the start. Without a continuous effort to boost and develop an internet site, it risks the chance to get stagnant in Google.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some essential web design tips for 2016.

1. Update your website Content on a regular basis
Sites which are sluggish to upgrade their content have the danger of becoming stagnant. To prevent this, get on an everyday routine for upgrading content regularly by the addition of brand new content, brand new pictures, blog posts as well as more pages to your internet site. The more that the particular site is updated, the more likely the search engines are going to crawl that website.

2. Build Site Maps
Nobody likes it while someone makes them toil harder than they are required to, and this is true in the case of the search engines also. Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like, don’t prefer to guess what exactly the plan is for your site. Building a basic .XML sitemap providing the priority, ranking, and the frequency will definitely give the bots a genuine map as to how the site is run and also what must be looked at initially.

3. Avoid Duplicate Content
Your site ought to contain content which isn’t copied from the other sites. The search engines can not only pick up on that rather quickly, however, you have the risk of getting your site banned or even put in a much lower site ranking. By duplicating online content, you are simply repeating what has been said already. Stand by yourself and show the world your skill and talent by creating unique content for your website on a regular basis.

4. Minimize your Site Loading Times
Ensure that you’re hosting with a reliable hosting provider which has minimum downtime. Most of the reputed hosting companies now can boast of a solid up time of approximately 99%. In case your site is down for a long time, Google will note this and your website will be crawled less frequently compared to somebody with a good up-time.
5. Evade Cookie Cutter Web Design 
It is not certain exactly how many times we have come across a customer that has a site developed by using a template build for their own industry and then approach a web designer and wonder why they did not have much success with it. It is not justified to expect that your site will be much different or even treated differently than your competition in case the only thing which a prospective customer has to rate you on is the price since your site is the exact same apart from a couple of pictures from theirs. Your business requires a custom website which reflects the originality of your brand.

6. Search Engine Optimization
Your site requires having, at least, the fundamentals in Search Engine Optimization in order to remain competitive. Metadata, titles tags, .XML site maps, subtitles, alt tags, and listing your website with the reputed search engines are vital to the success of your site.

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