3 Proven Tips for Local Lead Generation


3 proven tips for local lead generation

3 Proven Tips for Local Lead Generation

When running a company that relies on local customers as the main clientele, such as a restaurant, retail store or a service based business, it’s important to apply the right marketing strategies in order to generate more local leads. Websites, social media accounts, and other forms of advertising that don’t concentrate on finding local customers are nothing more than wasted dollars and wasted time. Here are 3 proven tips for local lead generation that work for any business.

1. Connect with specific local events and happenings

Find local events that your potential customers might attend and use those in your online or digital marketing strategies, but make sure to be specific with the name. As an example, if there is a parade held every year during a certain holiday, mention this directly in your ads; it might say, “A great place for Main Street Memorial Day parade-goers to rest their feet and have a cold drink this Saturday.”

Other happenings that affect a business may include weather or seasons. Consider how your local clients will search online for news about these events and use those terms along with your local city name, to help better target your digital marketing campaign as well as your audience. For example, “After seeing record storms in Erie, PA, you’ll need to turn to ABC roofing for all your roofing restoration needs.” Your clients may use the search term “record storms in Erie, PA,” so include that in your digital market ads as well. This type of local lead generation gets your business to show up in search engine results when potential customers search for these specific keywords online.

2. Create relationships with local bloggers and online writers

Search for bloggers, reviewers, and others who write articles about your area and ask them to review your location, or if they accept guest posts on their site. You can create local leads by having the blogger mention your business location in their lists of places to visit, or by dedicating an entire post to your company for home repairs, wellness, or whatever the industry. Be sure to stay in contact with these people especially when running any type of special or sale, when you introduce a new product, or for any reason that might impel them to write about your company again.

3. Share web space with other local businesses

No matter your business, it can be good to expand your website beyond just advertising your services, so your visitors are encouraged to linger. You can then share web space with other local businesses who will do the same for you; a roofing company’s website, for example, may have a page dedicated to other local businesses, such as a nearby chiropractor or restaurant. A decent limousine rental site would share other relative services on their page like photographers, disc jockeys, wine tours, etc. This creates local lead generation by taking advantage of each others established business and clientele.

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