Risks Businesses Face When Advertising With Yellow Pages


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Risks Businesses Face When Advertising With Yellow Pages

Not long ago, the big yellow phone book was the only key to finding that new hairdresser, a reliable window repair service or perhaps a restaurant which delivered pizza. Sifting through listings, dialing phone numbers, and slogging through choices was all you needed to locate a nearby business or service.

But this was before Google, the internet and smartphones became part of our daily lives. Now that we rely on those for information, it’s safe to say that phone books are obsolete

Today, when looking for a local dry cleaner, doctor, plumber or attorney, where is you research conducted? I bet your answer is as good as mine. Most of us dash online and ‘Google’ (it’s a verb now) up whatever we need, then click on suitable service providers’ sites that rank in the top of the search results. Your quick and easy research is complete! Google Is The New Phone Book.

Of course, the convenience and speed with which we find everything we’re looking for did not exist at one point. Indeed, Yellow Pages has become a thing of the past, and that includes YP advertising service; both physical (phone books) and digital (business listings).

The Present State of Yellow Pages

yp.com reviews

Today, most local business owners still ask should I pay for yellow pages? Granted, times have really changed, and even Yellow Pages has given the digital world a nod by rebranding as YP Marketing Solutions and including website creation into their list of services.As the digital revolution set in, Yellow Pages couldn’t keep strong-arming businesses into paying hefty monthly charges (which they still do) to appear in their phone book pages. Few businesses if any see the advantage of using phone books to advertise when people hardly use them to search for products or services.

In fact, if a company still invests heavily in YP advertising in this time and age, then they should simply fire their head of marketing—seriously! To be definite, YP still has some strength, notably in sales and marketing. Customers who rely on them are actually pursued aggressively by a sales team that coerces them into purchasing advertising, while upselling to website creation.

Sadly, technology isn’t one of its strengths. This is especially evident to users who try to create a website using YP’s website building tool. Even though YP does provide website design and creation for small businesses, this service is outsourced, and their customers do not get direct or personalized attention. So just like most large corporations, it’s evident that they just care about numbers and not the individual client nor their business goals.

What’s more, the websites created are simply a generic sign or storefront, lacking crucial business tools or functionalities to enhance customer engagement. Ultimately, customers find themselves stuck in one or two-year agreements that can’t be easily terminated. Yet there’s no way the site created could ever rank and even if it did, how useful could a potential customer possibly find it?

yp marketing solutions reviews

Now, I am in no way trying to bad mouth or slander another company especially one that’s been around as long as Yellow Pages. I’m just sharing from a business perspective, what I personally encounter with other business owners and clients, which of whom have or currently use YP Marketing Solutions.

Why should you believe me over them? Go over to Google and search for YP.com reviews and watch the number of complaints come pouring in.

Unfortunately, it’s the same story time and time again; business owners are sold false hopes of getting a lead generating website that ranks high in the search engines and end up getting stuck in a contract. While most business owners I’ve spoken with anxiously anticipate for that day the contract ends, others have been ‘burned’ so badly that they are afraid to invest their money into any form of digital marketing service.

A Better Option

Obviously, you wouldn’t hire an electrician to fix your blocked sewer, would you? As such, why spend your hard-earned money on dead-end advertising or hiring a company that doesn’t specialize in creating websites to build yours?

As a small business looking to thrive in the market of your choice, you can’t risk establishing your online presence using an expensive company that doesn’t understand and address your unique business goals and also lacks in customer service.

There should be no reason why a business owner should accept that quality of work, or lack thereof, especially if it’s supposed to represent their company, more so if they are stuck in monthly contracts just like with phone book advertising.

In today’s world, your website is the first point of contact for your potential clients and thus critical for generating new sales leads and conversions, besides helping build strong relationships with current customers.

In Conclusion

Today’s consumers are smart and informed. They search online for relevant and useful information before making a final purchase decision; unlike any advertising model like that of Yellow Pages (YP).

Instead, business owners can rely on a digital marketing agency like Sayles Industries, a veteran and independently owned company with business owners’ goals and interests in mind, to customize comprehensive marketing solutions that fully address all their specific needs.

​Our website development services include hosting, and website designs that are SEO-optimized and responsive (mobile-friendly) on all browsers and mobile devices. 
We meet technology’s most advanced standards by continuously updating and properly maintaining multiple web pages behind the scenes as various technologies continue to change.

phone books are obsolete

With our guaranteed customer satisfaction, Sayles Industries never outsources its work, and offers 24-hour support just in case questions or issues should arise.

Don’t tie your business to an obvious sinking ship. It’s now time to forget all about YP; just like most of the world already has done with phone books. As a business owner, you deserve much better in return and we have just the solution for you! 

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