Does SEO Really Work

Does SEO Really Work
Does SEO Really Work

Being a business owner, e-commerce store, or personal blogger, having your website found on the big Search Engines like Google is critical. In fact, you may have researched how to improve website rankings on your own which can be quite overwhelming with terms such as SEO, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, meta descriptions, alt image tags, page titles, citations, link building, this list goes on and on. You may have even considered hiring a local SEO agency to help improve search engine rankings. Even then you may be wondering “does SEO really work?”

does seo really work

How to get your website to page #1 of Google?

Most digital marketing and/or SEO agencies that actually know what they’re doing will obviously say “yes” and to be completely transparent SEO does indeed work, BUT (there’s that infamous word) there is a plethora of tactics and approaches when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. These agencies who claim to have the know-how or individual freelancers that make false promises such as “we will get your website to page #1 of Google,” BEWARE of, as you should NEVER believe them! Anyone who truly knows the science of SEO (which there is no exact science) will tell you that there are too many factors at play especially with everchanging Google Algorithms to ever make such statement. Furthermore, SEO is a timely process and typically could take anywhere between 3-6 months to see results in Google and even longer depending on a niche market, competition, location, saturation, authority, etc.

If you already have a website, chances are you may have received numerous spammy emails from people of other countries promoting some SEO promise for a ridiculously low price. Perhaps you’ve already invested in SEO services before and have thought “is there a way to make my SEO work better?” Given that there are over 200 determining factors of Search Engine Optimization, it’s safe to say there are ALWAYS ways to make SEO work better. Being one of the top digital marketing agencies with proven SEO results, we have heard one too many horror stories of business owners being taken advantage of by these so-called “SEO companies” who promised to rank their site above the competition and onto page one of Google. Yet months or years later and hundreds or thousands of dollars spent, no improvements have been made and your site is now where to be found still! These people give honest, hard-working companies a bad reputation when it comes to online marketing.

how to rank on page one of google

Why is SEO Important?

There’s a joke in the digital marketing and SEO industry that goes as follows, “the best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.” That’s because more than 75% of internet searches NEVER exceed the first page of Google! This is why it’s so important to find a reputable and reliable SEO agency that can show you multiple reports and case studies of SEO projects before you ever make a decision of hiring them. Lastly, you should ALWAYS do additional research for reviews of the company you’re considering to hire on Google and BBB as well as ask them for client referrals which you could contact and find out how their experience was and what type of results they received with said SEO company.

Our SEO experts at Sayles Industries are here to answer all of your online marketing questions. We’ll even provide you with a FREE SEO Audit of your current website and let you know how to improve search rankings for your business or personal brand.


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