Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019


What does the March 2019 update bring to the Google algorithm?

Like most leaders in the tech industry, Google is constantly looking to improve its’ algorithms and mechanisms. It is not surprising that the latest update of the search engine’s core algorithm has brought significant changes.

The Size

Officially named the “Google March 2019 Core Update” this algorithm improvement is one of the largest the company has released in recent months. According to Rank Ranger, the March 2019 update is comparable to the one released in August of last year, however not as big in terms of sites affected.

The update was released in batches over the period between March 13 and 17. This is a standard practice of Google, as a single release of a big update, would most likely make the search engine crash.

Who was affected?

Sources speculate that the March 2019 Core Update was, in fact, an attempt to reverse the effect of one of the previous official improvements on the search engine – the August Medic Update.

The results of the update show that many of the sites which were positively affected by the August update went through a decrease in visibility following the March improvements of the algorithm. The latest improvements introduced by Google targeted predominantly YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites. Based on Rank Ranger’s analytics the largest fluctuations in visibility percentage were observed in sites relating to the travel, health, gambling and finance niches.

In comparison to the August Medic Update, the volatility produced by the March Core update is somewhat lower. The travel niche took the biggest hit in terms of volatility increase. Many site-owners spoke out about their performance going down rapidly around March 13, as soon as the update of the algorithm started rolling out.

march core update 2019

What can a site do if their visibility score was decreased?

Google is not very detailed when it comes to releasing information on how to improve a site’s performance if it was affected by an algorithm update. According to the company’s Twitter account, the only thing site owners can do in order to boost their performance in the future is to follow Google’s advice and requirements on how to provide quality content.

Of course, even if your quality has not gone down, and changes to the algorithm have impacted your site in a negative way, there is nothing more for you to do other than continue outputting good content, and hope for an improvement in the future.

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In Essence

The March 2019 Core algorithm update is not as significant as the previous big drop by Google. However, while smaller in magnitude the update still affected a number of niche sites and brought their visibility results down. Google constantly updates their algorithms, and the March release was just a more substantial improvement.

According to the company, their algorithms are always changed with the idea to make them better, and to build on the product they provide to their customers worldwide. While most will agree with Google’s aspirations, there are always sites, which are negatively impacted by such algorithm changes.

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